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Our in-house brand: GRE-SOL

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Gre-Sol Jelly Hand Cleanser

The safe, efficient and economical answer to all industrial hand cleansing problems. Gre-Sol Jelly Hand Cleanser has the power to remove the toughest of greases and stains, leaving the skin supple, healthy and free from chemical irritants.

Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream

Provides a barrier on skin to protect against harmful substances and compounds. Reduces the risk of abrasion and nourishes the skin, leaving a pleasant non-greasy feel. It acts as a substitute hand protection were personal protection equipment cannot be safely or conveniently used.

Industry Applications

Auto Mechanics

Gre-Sol Jelly Hand Cleanser - Easily remove grease, paint, oil, dirt, tar and glue on hands and tools without the need for water or pumice. Save your hands from dryness or cracking!

Marine & Offshore Drilling

Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream - Creates a non-greasy and moisturizing barrier. Assists in relief of irritated skin from chemical contact. Offers protection from workplace contaminants where gloves are not used.


Gre-Sol Pine Fluid Disinfectant - Provides all-round protection for your family and home. Kills bacteria and germs which can cause illness and infection.

About Us

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  • 3 Daily Applications of Pine Fluid Disinfectant

    Use Gre-Sol Pine Fluid Disinfectant in 3 daily applications.

    • Apply Disinfectant with cleaning solution to achieve thorough cleaning
    • Apply Disinfectant into laundry to maximize washing effect
    • Apply Disinfectant while cleaning common area to stop the spreading of illnesses
  • How To Use Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream

    Get protected in 3 simple steps.

    • Step 1: Apply Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream onto exposed skin before work
    • Step 2: Work while getting protected from irritants
    • Step 3: Easily wash off cream with water, or wipe off with dry towel after work
  • How To Use Gre-Sol Jelly Hand Cleanser

    Water-less hand cleansing - clean off tough stains easily in 3 simple steps. 

    • Step 1: Apply Gre-Sol Jelly Hand Cleanser onto stained hands
    • Step 2: Rub thoroughly until stain is dissolved
    • Step 3: Wash hands under running water, or wipe off with a dry towel


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